Michelle Dumas

CEO & Founder, Distinctive Career Services, Writing Powerful, Branded Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles
Helping Clients to Stand Out, Get Noticed & Achieve Career Goals
Creator of Distinctive Resume Templates

About Michelle

Michelle Dumas is a well-known figure in the resume writing industry, with over 25 years of experience in crafting standout resumes for more than 10,000 job seekers. As the founder of Distinctive Career Services launched in 1996, Michelle has established one of the industry's longest-standing resume-writing companies. Her expertise is not only recognized by job hunters but also by professionals in the employment industry.Michelle's passion for helping individuals in their career journeys led to the inception of Distinctive Resume Templates. This venture was born from her concern about the ineffectiveness of commonly used resume templates, which often failed in ATS compatibility and uniqueness. Each template in her collection is a product of her extensive experience and understanding of what makes a resume truly distinctive.Holding numerous professional certifications and having won many awards in the resume writing industry, Michelle is committed to continuous learning and staying on the cutting edge of job search trends. Her approach emphasizes the importance of great content and personal branding in resumes, offering a personal touch to job seekers and professionals alike.

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Michelle warmly invites both job seekers and career professionals to connect with her. Whether you're looking to elevate your resume or assist others in their career paths, Michelle encourages you to explore the unique offerings of Distinctive Career Services Her expertise and personalized approach in the field of resume writing are resources she is eager to share. By connecting, you can tap into Michelle's wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your resume not only meets the technical demands of today's job market but also captures the essence of your professional story.

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